More victims of Oneal Ron Morris, 30, a man living as a woman and posing as a doctor, are coming forward. Morris was arrested last week for allegedly injecting cement and other toxic chemicals into the buttocks of a woman, claiming the procedure to be a form of cosmetic enhancement of the region.

Following an investigation by the Miami Gardens Police and Florida Department of Health, Morris, 30, was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license.

With no medical training, Morris was reportedly performing plastic surgery procedures out of her residence in Miami. The investigation further discovered that Morris had injected another female's buttocks with a substance consisting of cement, fix-a-flat tire repair, mineral oil and super glue, claiming the treatment would enlarge the woman's posterior. The incision was then sealed user superglue. The injections were administered in May 2010.

Predictably, the victim was hospitalized with a serious medical condition. Her mother finally took her to Tampa General Hospital, where they learned the awful truth. The victim was suffering from infections, severe abdominal pain and pneumonia.

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