Motorola Inc plans to make a phone that Google will sell in its direct cellphone sales channel and that device could potentially sport the Motorola brand, the company's cellphone chief Sanjay Jha said in an interview on Wednesday.

Jha said that he sees Google's controversial plan to sell handsets directly as just another way for Motorola to get its phones to consumers but he noted that Motorola is not getting into the contract manufacturing business.

One of the subsequent devices Google will sell to their direct channel will be made by us, Jha said in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show. It's an alternative channel to deliver devices to consumers.

The executive said that while some details were not yet clear, he saw Motorola's strong brand as one of the reasons Google wanted it to be part of its direct sales project.

Jha also said that a tablet computer is one of the many products Motorola is considering making. Motorola will also sell a touchscreen phone for the U.S. market, the executive said as he repeated a commitment to sell a minimum of 20 different models of Android phones this year.

(Reporting by Sinead Carew; Editing by Phil Berlowitz)