Thousands of adults got to relive the deep summer respite of the ice cream truck jingling through the neighborhood thanks to a shtick by chocolate maker Mars that chilled Chicago's overheated downtown concrete jungle on Thursday and Friday.

Thankfully, there were no looping nursery rhymes blaring from the "adults only" Dove ice cream truck that parked outside Daley Plaza on Thursday and served thousands of traders and tourists ice cream bars, back rubs and manicures. The stop in Chicago was part of a multi-city tour organized by Mars, which acquired Dove in 1986.

"We created a one-of-a-kind ice cream truck to help adults relive their childhood, but in a truly decadent, grown-up way," said Craig Hall, General Manager of Mars Chocolate North America, in a statement.

To add to the stunt's nostalgic value, Mars flew in former teen idol Ralph Macchio, famous for his role in feel-good movies like The Karate Kid.

"Thanks Chicago, for coming out to Daley Plaza. Wow, you guys showed up big time!!" Macchio Tweeted afterward.

On Friday the truck visited the John Hancock Center, one of Chicago's highest skyscrapers, and the Shedd Aquarium near Lake Michigan. It will be in Minneapolis on August 10 and August 11 and in Baltimore on August 17 and August 18.

Dove's Facebook page is rife with child-like pleas for the truck to stop at states across the nation, 15 of which have suffered under triple digit heat indexes last week that may have caused as many as 64 deaths.