A video clip of a pilot spotting what seemed like a cube-shaped UFO was recently reviewed on the History Channel's "The Proof Is Out There."

After experts weighed in with their opinions, the host concluded that it was a "genuine UFO" and said human beings might not be the only pilots up in the sky.

The video in question was captured by a pilot flying an Airbus A321 over Medellin, Colombia in February 2020. The pilot looked out the cockpit window and spotted what appeared to be a UFO whizzing past him as he flies mid-air at an altitude of around 30,000 feet, according to iHeartRadio.

The channel posted a part of the episode Sunday on YouTube and noted that it is hard to estimate the size of the mystery object without knowing how far away it is. Scientist Amy Eskridge estimated that it might be 10 to 15 feet in diameter.

Eskridge also said on the show that this might be one of many incidents where aliens might be probing before making their big appearance.

“One theory is that if we were visited by another civilization, they might send probes ahead of when they actually come,” Eskridge said.

“They might want to collect data, maybe do a little surveillance, a little monitoring before they actually show up," she added.

Forensic Video Analyst Michael Primeau also took a look at the video filmed by the pilot. “I’ve analyzed several videos in-depth of UFOs and UAPs over the course of my career. And the way that it’s traveling on screen in the area of the clouds does appear to be consistent with recordings that I have deemed authentic,” Primeau said.

However, Primeau also said that the way the camera zooms in, almost as if the operator was expecting the object, makes him think there’s a chance the video is staged.

When the show’s Aviation/Military Analyst Lt. Tim McMillan analyzed the video, he ruled out the possibility of the object being a plane or missile because of its speed. He suggested it could be a balloon but also said the cube-shape is similar to what other pilots have reported seeing in other possible UFO sightings.

“I don’t have a good explanation,” McMillan said about the clip.

The show’s host finally said the verdict on the mystery object was that it's a "genuine UFO."

“Assuming it’s not a hoax, it’s certainly not a drone or a known aircraft. It’s possibly a balloon… When you look at that speed your mind goes there, but it’s extremely rare for a solar balloon to reach this altitude,” the host said. “By process of elimination, we’ll go with ‘genuine UFO.’ So humans might not be the only pilots up in the sky.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay