Footage from NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) captured what looked like an oddly-shaped UFO flying near the massive spacecraft. Shortly after the strange object was caught by NASA’s cameras, the video was mysteriously cut short.

The footage of the incident was shared on YouTube by the channel Of Sound Mind and Body. In the video, an object with a very distinct shape can be seen hovering near the space station. Based on the image, the object had two leg-like features protruding from its body.

Interestingly, the video was cut short by NASA and was replaced by a blank blue screen. According to conspiracy theorists, this was NASA’s way of trying to cover up the UFO sightings caught by its cameras.

“As you can see, there is a massive object lurking in the background,” the commentator of the YouTube channel stated in the video. “The object is completely illuminated by the Sun and it is very hard not to notice its bizarre shape.”

“Viewers were then hit by the infamous NASA blue screen, we say ‘infamous’ due to the number of times it happens when a UFO is seen,” he added.

According to UFO experts, alien ships frequently visit the ISS out of curiosity and to check on its activities.

This wasn’t the first time that a UFO was spotted near the ISS. Earlier in June, footage from the space station showed a cylindrical object with illuminated markings on its body approaching the spacecraft.

As it got nearer to the station, one of the crew members aboard can be heard uttering the phrase “contact and capture” right before the video ended. According to UFO experts, the astronauts of the station may have tried to retrieve the object in order to study it.

In another instance, a UFO was allegedly caught on camera during the live broadcast of a spacewalk outside the ISS. During the spacewalk, which featured astronauts Nick Hague and Christina Koch, an object with an oval shape appeared near the station.

Shortly after the object was spotted by NASA’s cameras, the live broadcast abruptly ended with the appearance of a blue screen.

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