A couple of UFO experts claimed to have spotted an alien vessel docked on NASA’s International Space Station. Footage of the strange incident was captured by NASA’s live stream service.

Images from the live stream clip were first captured by the YouTube Channel Streetcap1. According to the owner of the channel, the footage was captured by ISS’ camera that was mounted outside the station. It was streamed via NASA’s website before the video was cut-off. Streetcap1 noted that the footage was captured in 2014.

In the images, a strange and elongated object can be seen attached to a portion of the ISS. Based on the image, the mysterious object has a smooth surface with an almost featureless design. Its overall appearance clearly indicates that it is not part of the ISS since the designs of the two are very different.

After seeing the images, Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily noted that the object appears to be parked near the hull of the massive orbiting station. He then concluded that the object is an actual vessel used by alien beings.

According to Waring, since the alleged aliens did not make any effort to hide their vessel, it indicates that both the extraterrestrial creatures and ISS personnel are aware of each other’s presence. He then speculated that the two parties were holding a meeting when the footage was captured.

“Here before us we see a long light yellow UFO parked alongside the ISS hull,” Waring wrote on a blog post. “There is no intent to hide itself or partly cloak, so we know the aliens and the astronauts on ISS know of this which makes us conclude...aliens and NASA had a meeting.”

“This is not a glare...notice how the light changes and the UFO is a solid object near the ISS,” he continued. “It looks small, but it is about 10 meters across or more. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall during that meeting.”

Aside from being an alien vessel, Waring noted that the strange object could be the mysterious Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle designed by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). According to Waring, the experimental spacecraft made by DARPA could still be orbiting Earth after its launch in 2010.

International Space Station
An astronaut claimed that it "smells great" inside the space station. The International Space Station is pictured on May 23, 2011 in Space. Paolo Nespoli - ESA/NASA via Getty Images