An infamous alien theorist has once more opened discussions of aliens living outside of Earth with his latest “discovery” of an alien race he believes to be based somewhere on Earth’s Moon.

The latest claims regarding the possible existence of aliens on the moon were promptly described on Scott Waring’s UFO-focused blog,

"There are defiantly some strange things on earth's moon. Here are two odd structures I found today that really scream alien life," Waring announced on his blog site. "These two structures are made with many right angles and contain a balance on both sides that is proof that it was intelligently made."

Waring is with no doubt, convinced that what he witnessed was actually clear signs of existence of unknown life outside of our home planet. This latest claim is an addition to Waring's list of speculations and discussions about alien life on the surface of the Moon.

A few months ago, he claimed that an archive photo from one of the missions in NASA’s Apollo program showed a massive alien base in a crater of the Moon. It was said that it’s still obscure since no evidence has been shown to the public, but the possibilities of aliens’ existence could be proven because of such photos.

A similar claim was also made by Waring not long before thecurrent issue was brought up. He stated that he spotted a couple of mobile alien bases on some parts of the Moon. He further noted that the two structures he saw on the Moon both had a whitish color and had a geometric shape. There is surely a remarkable difference between the latest claim and the former speculation because the latest one might actually be a combination of a spaceship and a surface structure.

Although there are a lot of speculations going on about the spotted unknown objects or alien existence on the Moon, Waring strongly believes that his claims are true. While there is still no clear evidence of alien life living on the Moon, the photographs captured by the UFOlogist can still raise curiosity among the people.

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