Another alien theory is currently circulating online saying that a fleet of UFOs can be seen passing through the surface of the Moon.

According to self-professed alien expert, Scott Waring, he took to his portal to share his thoughts on a video uploaded by Terrys Theories on Youtube.

Waring said in his post, "He posted a video from an eyewitness that caught three unidentified flying objects moving past our moon. The exciting part of this is that when I enlarged the screenshots, I could clearly make out three box-like objects. No visible propulsion, wings, or tails which rule out birds. As the UFOs approach the edge of the moon, they tighten closer together. That made me think birds until I made the close-up and saw the truth. These are three alien ships."

Could this speculation be true? In March 2019, Waring has been consistently insisting on the existence of aliens on the Moon. He reacted on another video and said that it gives “100 percent proof” that aliens are actively using the Moon as a reconnaissance outpost and permanent base.

Earlier, he also said, "A person in Edirne, Turkey, was observing the Moon through a telescope and was lucky enough to catch a great shot of not one, but two UFOs flying low over the Moon’s surface."

"Both objects are diamond-shaped, yet one is twice the size of the other," he added. "If these were meteors, they would be leaving a trail of debris behind them and there is no way they would be perfect diamonds flying side by side."

Waring believed that there is likely much alien activity taking place on the dark side of the Moon. While reacting to a video, he said, “That’s a lot on only the side that we can see. Imagine it’s much more on the side we cannot see.”

This new video dated November 2019 is another addition to the list of Waring's UFO sightings, consistently believing inactivity of aliens on the Moon.

However, not everyone who saw the videos was convinced. Some have been stating their speculations that are different from the conspiracists. On the older Youtube video showing what the conspiracist believes to be a pair of UFOs, a user named Michael Kozak commented a suggestion that it could be the Lunar Obiter, which is a NASA spacecraft in orbit of the Moon.

So, did Waring really spot three fleets of spaceships over the Moon? You may watch the video and have your own speculations. Without concrete proof, either way, it is actually impossible to tell.

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The US wants to return humans to the Moon by 2024 AFP / Laurent EMMANUEL