A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s photo of Pluto shows an image of a massive alien spacecraft docked on the planet’s surface. The latest discovery coincides with a previous theory regarding Pluto’s alleged alien space station.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base made the discovery after going through NASA’s Pluto photos that were published through the agency’s Photojournal website.

In one of the photos, a long blue streak can be seen on the surface of the planet. Waring explained in a recent video that the alien spaceship that he saw was located just below this feature.

Based on the size of the land mass featured in the photo, which Waring estimated to be 450 kilometers across, he concluded that the strange vessel could be about 7 kilometers long. He noted that it had a shape similar to that of NASA’s Space Shuttle with three fins protruding from its rear side.

Since the object appeared to be complete and intact, Waring speculated that it could still be operational and was most likely used by extraterrestrial beings to travel from Pluto to other distant planets.

The UFO expert’s latest claims regarding UFOs on Pluto offers a bit of light on a theory regarding the planet. In 2015, Tyler Glockner of the YouTube UFO channel Secureteam claimed that Pluto could be housing an alien base beneath its surface.

Glockner came up with this theory after NASA released images of Pluto showing four massive identical spots on its surface. The images were taken by NASA’s New Horizons interplanetary space probe.

Glockner noted that each of the dark circles could be 480 kilometers across. Aside from these, he claimed that the photos also showed other anomalies on the planet such as lines and structures.

Due to the uniformity the various strange features he saw in the photos, Glockner speculated that Pluto might actually be hiding large alien space station.

Alan Stern, the principal investigator for New Horizons, was also puzzled by the dark spots and other features of Pluto.

“It’s a real puzzle – we don’t know what the spots are, and we can’t wait to find out,” he said in a statement.