A UFO expert claimed that photos taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover showed various ancient alien artifacts. Many of the objects featured in the photo were weapons allegedly used by aliens on the Red Planet.

According to Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, he came across the images of the artifacts while browsing Gigapan’s website, which was established as a collaborative project between NASA’s Ames Research Center and Carnegie Mellon University.

As Waring was going through the site, he came across photos that were taken by the Curiosity rover on SOL 2364. The UFO expert noted that the images featured traces of an ancient battle that took place on Mars. Some of the objects Waring spotted included a portion of a battle axe as well as various shields.

“I found some artifacts that could be remnants of an ancient battle,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “First I found an axe head, which looks very similar to axes here on Earth. The handle was long gone, but the head was perfect in every way.”

“Next I found an oval shield, a curved shield and a circular shield all near the axe head,” he added.

For Waring, his discovery, as well as the others he made in the past, indicate that alien life once thrived on Mars. Unfortunately, as suggested in the images Waring saw, it seems the alien civilization that lived on the Red Planet was not completely peaceful.

If the objects were really remnants of an ancient battle, it would indicate that warring factions existed on Mars.

Due to Waring’s strong beliefs that life was once present on the alien planet, he accused NASA of actively ignoring important pieces of evidence found on the Red Planet. For the UFO expert, the responsibility of exploring Mars should be handed over to a different organization such as SpaceX. Waring believes this company will be more open when it comes to investigating signs of life on other planets.

“The scientists at NASA seem to be focused on controlling the rover instead of finding and reporting important artifacts, fossils and evidence of alien life as they should be doing,” Waring stated.

“I believe the only way to correct NASA is to shut it down totally and start up a new more progressive and eager company to explore Mars for the public…like SpaceX,” he added.

SOL 2364
This image was taken by MAST_LEFT onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2364 (2019-04-01T03:28:59.000Z) NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS