A UFO expert claimed a photo taken by a NASA satellite captured an alien vessel flying near the Sun. Interestingly, the strange object in the photo looks similar to the alleged UFOs that appeared during NASA’s STS-75 tether incident.

Scott Warring of ET Data Base said in a recent blog post that the UFO-focused YouTube channel Terry’s Theories sent him a video that shows a UFO flying near the Sun. According to Waring, the images used in the video were taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). This satellite was launched by NASA in 1995 specifically to study the giant star.

In the video, a large disk-shaped object with a distinct hole in the middle can be seen appearing below the Sun for a couple of seconds before disappearing. It is not clear how far the object was from the Sun or the SOHO satellite but Waring estimated that the UFO has a diameter of about 5,249 feet.

Although the exact nature of the object is still unknown, it closely resembles the UFOs that appeared in a NASA video during the STS-75 mission. For the mission, which was launched in 1996, NASA attempted to deploy a tethered satellite into space to generate electricity from the magnetic field around Earth.

Shortly after NASA’s Columbia spacecraft deployed the satellite, the tether attached to it broke.

Despite being an unsuccessful mission, STS-75 caught the attention of the public due to the footage captured by NASA. In the video, the satellite from the mission can be seen in the center. A few moments later, several strange objects can be seen flying around the satellite.

Although most of the objects varied in size, a couple of them looked very similar to the alleged UFO in Waring’s blog post. Like the object that was spotted by NASA’s SOHO satellite flying near the Sun, the UFO’s that appeared during the tether incident had perfectly round bodies with a hole in their center.

NASA attempted to explain the situation by referring to the strange objects as space debris and ice particles. UFO enthusiasts, on the other hand, maintained that the objects are alien vessels.