A UFO hovering above Earth was spotted through the live feed footage of NASA’s International Space Station (ISS). According to a UFO expert, the footage is definitive proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base spotted the UFO while watching the live feed of the ISS. As he was watching, Waring noted that the ISS suddenly switched cameras to presumably focus on an object hovering in the distance.

Based on the video that Waring shared, the UFO was visible for a couple of seconds before mysteriously fading into the background. Through editing software, he was able to zoom in on the image to reveal the UFO’s distinct shape. According to Waring, it closely resembled the classic image of disk-shaped UFOs that have distinct humps in their upper and lower portions.

Aside from the shape of the object, another aspect that caught Waring’s attention was the strange aura that it displayed around its body. He speculated that it could be traces of the strange craft’s propulsion system.

Waring noted that the latest image captured by ISS clearly shows that aliens exist and are becoming bolder when it comes to making their presence known. He insisted that the UFOs are finally getting ready to reveal their selves.

The footage from the ISS is the latest image shared by Waring showing a UFO approaching a NASA spacecraft. Recently, he showed a video of the Soyuz spacecraft approaching the space station.

As the spacecraft prepared to dock with the ISS, it suddenly got swarmed by numerous UFOs. One of the objects that approached the spacecraft had a distinct shape that closely resembled a ring or a donut.

In another video, a capsule-like object with strange markings can be seen approaching the space station. As it got near to the ISS, one of the crew members can be heard initiating a “contact and capture” command.

Waring assumed that the station engaged contact with the object and captured it in order to be examined. He speculated that the UFO may have been an abandoned alien spacecraft that was left floating in space.