National Frozen Food Day is marked annually on March 6 to honor the process of freezing fruits, vegetables and meats, and to recognize their impact on our daily lives.

President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5157 in 1985, marking March 6 as Frozen Food Day. "I call upon the American people to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities," said, according to National Day Calender.

Here are some National Frozen Food Day messages, courtesy BestMessage, to share on this day.

  • “When you are busy or when you are in hurry, the one food that makes your life easy is frozen food. Happy Frozen Food Day to you.”
  • “Warm wishes on Frozen Food Day to all those who are always on the go and who are always looking for delicious and quick options to eat.”
  • “Frozen food is the new lifestyle and today is the day to enjoy this unique lifestyle. Wishing a very Happy Frozen Food Day.”
  • “Though we all know that fresh is the best but on Frozen Food Day, let us munch on frozen food to celebrate this day.”
  • “If your refrigerator is full of frozen food then you don’t need anything else to enjoy your life. Happy Frozen Food Day.”
  • “Freeze it when its fresh and enjoy it when you want it. Wishing a happy and food-filled Frozen Food Day.”
  • “Frozen Food Day reminds us that we can enjoy any food we like if we have some space in our refrigerator to store it.”
  • “Gone are those days when you had to cook it, the new era is all about frozen foods that can be microwaved and consumed when you like them. Happy Frozen Food Day.”
  • “Make it a fantastic Frozen Food Day with your family and friends by having a party which is all about frozen foods on the plate.”
Packs of previously frozen Brazil chicken legs are seen stacked on a trolley shortly after a member of staff cleared them from the shelves of a supermarket in Hong Kong on March 21, 2017. Getty Images/AFP