Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
Dwyane Wade isn't looking to give the Miami Heat a hometown discount this time. Getty

There’s been a lot of activity over the first two days of NBA free agency, but the biggest names on the market remain unsigned. While it’s only a matter of time before LeBron James re-signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a few All-Stars could be on the move.

Plenty of good players have signed new contracts. Kevin Love, Goran Dragic, Jimmy Butler and Draymond Green have decided to stay with their current teams. Greg Monroe, DeMarre Carroll, Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler are headed elsewhere.

Below is a closer look at the top free agents available, and where they might end up.

LaMarcus Aldridge

The Los Angeles Lakers entered the start of free agency as one of the favorites to land Aldridge, but they fell out of contention for the power forward after they dropped the ball during their meeting. The San Antonio Spurs appear to be in the driver’s seat though the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets reportedly offered impressive presentations to Aldridge. Both the Spurs and Suns have made trades, freeing up enough salary cap space to sign the All-Star.

Aldridge will meet with the New York Knicks, but they aren’t considered a real contender. He is the biggest name available that will likely change teams. Portland Trail Blazers assistant coach Kim Hughes even said as much in a recent interview.

Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat are the frontrunners to sign Wade, but the franchise’s all-time leading scorer is no guarantee to stay. Wade has sacrificed money before, allowing Miami to sign other free agents, but he reportedly wants to make as much money as possible on his upcoming contract. Because of the rest of the salaries on their roster, the Heat might not be able to offer Wade a max deal.

It’s unknown where Wade might land if he leaves Miami, and his injury history could make it difficult for him to receive the contract he wants from another team. But he was the third-best scorer in the East last year, so it’s possible that a team with cap space could overpay him.

DeAndre Jordan

Much like Aldridge, it appears that Jordan has crossed the Lakers off of his list after an underwhelming presentation. He’s met with the Knicks and Dallas Mavericks, who reportedly impressed the center during their meeting. A return to the Clippers might be the most likely option, but it could be a two horse race on Day 2 of free agency.

Jordan is coming off his best year in the NBA, averaging 11.5 points, 15.0 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game. He finished third in the race for 2015 NBA Defensive Player of the year.

Marc Gasol

Arguably the NBA’s best center, several teams with the appropriate amount of salary cap space would like to sign Gasol. But he doesn’t seem interested in leaving the Memphis Grizzlies. The two sides are getting close on finalizing a five-year contract worth $100 million that should be agreed upon shortly.