'Physical: 100' is the first unscripted series to top Netflix's non-English chart


  • Netflix's "Physical: 100" faces allegations that the finale was manipulated
  • Some viewers alleged that winner Woo Jin Young's rope was easier to pull
  • The runner-up, Jung Hae Min, broke his silence regarding the issues

Netflix's "Physical 100" is facing allegations that Saturday's finale episode was rigged after viewers pointed out that the final quest between Jung Hae Min and Woo Jin Young appeared to be manipulated.

Viewers of the popular survival show observed that during the pulling of ropes game, Woo allegedly had an advantage since his rope seemed easier to pull, which ultimately led to his victory, going home with the KRW 300 million (approximately $245,000) grand prize, according to Hypebeast.

TikTok user @krealitylover also shared a report from a South Korean media outlet called the Sunday Paper about allegations that the final challenge was filmed three times.

@krealitylover Physical 100 final battle controversy. I did notice that the final episode ended pretty abruptly 🤔. This post is not to discredit the winner, but it is sad if all of this is true. Also, Jung haemin we love you 😭. #physical100 #physical100netflix #junghaemin #woojinyong #controversy ♬ original sound - gracelyn

Since the article was in Korean, she explained the content by saying, "For the first time they filmed, Jung Hae Min here was in a huge lead. But Woo Jin Young raised his hands and said that there was an issue with his machine," adding that Woo claimed that a squeaking sound was heard from his machine, and Jung agreed. But the sound eventually went away

"Production ends ups up [stopping] filming. They check the machine; they say it's fine. But they end up lubricating both machines and loosening the tension. So, they film again for the second time, and Jung Hae Min again is in a huge lead," she said, explaining the report.

She continued, "[But] filming stops, and the production says, 'I'm sorry we have to film this again because we have an audio issue."

The user also explained that after several technical difficulties, five producers allegedly convinced Jung to reshoot the final quest for a third time.

Hypebeast noted that other media outlets reported the production staff continued to "convince and coerce" Jung to do another round, despite not having enough strength to move forward, with a "shortened rope length," which eventually led to his downfall.

Following the controversies, Netflix released an official statement, saying, "We've confirmed with the production team at MBC that there were no technical issues with the game equipment. We'd also like to confirm Jung Hae Min did not request a rematch."

MBC, the network behind "Physical: 100," also debunked the rigged allegations, saying, "We can confirm it's not true the final game was done three times. The production team is discussing taking legal action against these baseless rumors."

Jung, who earned the first-runner-up title, has broken his silence regarding the matter. In an interview with a South Korean media outlet, published Tuesday, the cyclist shared his experience on the final challenge which led to such results.

"I saw the main producer of 'Physical: 100' write on Instagram 'a lie can become well-known, but it cannot be the truth,' so I thought the time has come to speak up and share my position as one of the two people involved in the final match," Jung said according to an English translation provided by Allkpop.

Jung claimed that when the match started, there was already a noticeable difference between him and the cross-fitter, where "even members who were watching" said the former's speed was "three times faster."

He then confirmed that Woo did complain about a "fault in the equipment" after hearing the wheel make "too much noise." Afterward, the producers began to "intervene" by lubricating the wheel and making the round easier.

Jung claimed that toward the end of the battle, the producers stopped the round once again.

"We were taking a break when the producers came and said that they couldn't use the footage because of an audio issue. The producers said that they would cut the rope and will film again if I am okay with it. Woo Jin Yong agreed to it too," he said.

He also admitted that he was against the idea. But the producers convinced him, and he thought that everything would be "resolved" if they reshot the challenge. The producers also allegedly suggested filming again the next day, but Jung said he "couldn't tell hundreds of people to come out again the next day."

Jung further explained that the producers also said that they would cut the rope as much as he had already pulled out but doubted that they did and that there were also talks of having faulty equipment.

Following his loss, he wanted the producers to include an explanation of why he ran out of strength in the final episode, but the producers had told him that he could not "intervene" with the editing.

"I don't want to be no. 1, nor do I want a rematch. I don't want the money either. I also hope that there is no aggression against Woo Jin Yong. I just feel that the show was edited to make it seem like I lost in vain. That's what's hard to accept as an athlete," he concluded in the interview.

The "Physical: 100" champion, Woo, has yet to release an official statement about the finale episode allegations and controversies. A scheduled press conference in Seoul, South Korea, featuring Woo, producer Jang Ho Ki and the production team was reportedly canceled due to the issues.

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