• Rumors are surfacing about Ellen DeGeneres being replaced
  • Also, there are speculations of the show’s cancellation
  • The allegations are yet to be officially confirmed
  • However, netizens have suggested several celebrities who might fit to take over
  • Tiffany Pollard, Tiffany Haddish, Robert Downey Jr. and more were listed

Netizens are already entertaining the idea of celebrity hosts that may be fit to replace Ellen DeGeneres as they share their names via Twitter, making #ReplaceEllen trending on the said social media platform.

Rumors are surfacing about Ellen DeGeneres’ show being canceled or replacing the 62-year-old comedian as a host. These speculations may still need confirmation but several netizens have celebrity names in their minds that may become DeGeneres’ successor.

First up was Tiffany Pollard. The 38-year-old television personality was known for “I Love New York,” “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Flavor of Love.”

Next on the list was Tiffany Haddish. The 40-year-old comedian, who’s also an author, was known for “Girls Trip,” “Like A Boss” and her book entitled “The Last Black Unicorn.”

Netizens also nominated the “Over the Hedge” and “Monster In Law” actress, Wanda Sykes. The 56-year-old also used to work as a writer for “The Chris Rock Show” and reportedly won a Primetime Emmy Award back in 1999.

Another netizen nominated Dakota Johnson. The 30-year-old actress rose to fame for her role as Anastasia Steele in the “Fifty Shades” movie series.

Ellen Page was also nominated by another netizen. The 33-year-old Canadian actress and producer became widely popular because of her starring role in the movie “Juno.”

She also appeared in “Inception” and is currently cast as Vanya Hargreeves in Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy.”

An ingenious idea came to mind of another netizen, who nominated Robert Downey Jr. The 55-year-old American actor rose to fame through his portrayal of the billionaire Tony Stark, known as the “Iron Man.”

Downey Jr. also appeared in all of the “Avengers” movies, along with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

One netizen said that it didn’t matter who would take DeGeneres’ replace as long as he or she would be a good representation of the LGBTQIA community and someone who would treat his or her staff, guest and managers with respect.

Sadly, some netizens call for the cancellation of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Avid supporters of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” host could not just sit back and watch as #ReplaceEllen continues to trend. Several of them posted their thoughts on Twitter in DeGeneres’ defense.

There is no official word as to these rumors, but concerning the cancellation of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” one producer reportedly hinted that the show would continue. Executive Producer Andy Lassner replied to a Twitter inquiry about the show’s cancellation saying that “nobody” would go off the air, Cinemblend reported.