Aside from the obvious fact that it teases their fans, an Easter Egg found in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sign of something special. Among other things, Rockstar Games has been on the cusp of releasing Grand Theft Auto V and, if the fortune favors them, Bully 2.

With the recent release of the Frontier Pursuits expansion update that included, among others, elimination of bugs, service stabilization and Specialist roles, Red Dead Online also featured a Bully Easter Egg.

While the hint is, according to Comic Book, “not as prominently placed,” gamers who know a thing or two about Bully will immediately take into account the name Meredith Hopkins. The source added that Hopkins was also the surname of Bully's main protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins. It's a piece of the puzzle fans wanted to link together considering that Jimmy and Meredith both share the same family name. But whether they're related or not, it's a good enough sign.

Bully Screenshot from the trailer for "Bully." "Bully," which came out last 2006, is a favorite among fans of Rockstar Games. A new rumor has sprouted claiming that the developer is working on a sequel to the fan-favorite. Photo:

The wanted poster didn't scream volumes that Rockstar Games is indeed working on Bully 2, but it is a subtle cease in gun slinging that would make players wonder why the Easter Egg was placed there.

But for what it's worth, Meredith Hopkins is wanted by the authorities for murder. Specifically, she “fatally shot” her neighbor's farm hand in a “fit of rage,” apparently she caught the boy trespassing on her property.

Is it safe to say that Bully 2 is indeed in the works? In their latest article, Cog Connected highlighted that there are fans that are “convinced” that Red Dead Redemption 2 “makes a direct reference to Bully 2. The outlet is also putting the latter on a “Wild West” setting, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2 "Red Dead Redemption 2" PC recently received a new update from Rockstar Games that targets stuttering issue and introduces several other fixes. Photo: Rockstar Games

Still, Rockstar Games is notorious for their simple, yet full of impact Easter Eggs. Last year, Read Dead Redemption 2 also gave out a “spoiler-free” Easter Egg of Bully by way of the phrase, “Canis Canem Edit."

For the benefit of everybody, the phrase, which translates to “Dog Eats Dog”, was the name Bully was released under in Europe. It was found in the side quest, “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman.” Players who ended up the winner in the duel was rewarded with a revolver with the phrase “engraved on both sides of the barrel.”

Meredith's wanted poster can be treated as a good omen that Rockstar Games is on to something. But with all Easter Eggs, hints and rumors, it should be taken with a grain of salt.