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Riot Games has released the patch notes for the latest "League of Legends" update which will bring the version of "League of Legends" to 3.10a. This patch will bring changes to multiple "LoL" champions, items and more.

Let's take a look at the tweaks that Riot Games will be making to "LoL."

LeBlanc "LoL" 3.10a Changes

The changes coming to Leblanc, the AP-based assassin/mage, are minor. Her base health regeneration will be increased from 7.05 to 5.05 and her attack damage per level. LeBlanc's attack damage will be increased from 3.1 per level to 3.5 per level.

Considering how fragile LeBlanc is, we're not sure the boost to her natural health regeneration will make much of a difference. It can only make a difference if you're low and you take absolutely no damage whatsoever for a while, even from minions. That's difficult to do, especially if you want to harass the enemy champion that you're laning against. The attack damage per level boost is insignificant, though there will be occasional instances here and there where one autoattack from LeBlanc will finish off a fleeing enemy champion that has extremely low health. That sort of thing only happens once in a while though.

Master Yi "LoL" 3.10a Changes

Master Yi's attack speed per level will be decreased from 2.75 percent to 2 percent. The "LoL" 3.10a patch claims to fix a bug on Master Yi's Double Strike spell that allowed him to damage enemies even when he was blinded.

Master Yi's Meditate ability will get a notable boost. The damage that Master Yi takes while he is meditating will be increased at all ranks from 40/45/50/55/60 percent to 50/55/60/65/70 percent.

The passive attack damage Master Yi players will get from his Wuju Style ability will be get an adjustment. The bonus granted will go from a 7/9/1/13/15 percent attack damage boost to a flat 10 percent attack damage boost at all ranks.

Finally, Mastere Yi's Highlander ultimate spell is getting a significant change. Instead of lowering the cooldown on the rest of his abilties by 18 seconds on a kill and 9 seconds on an assist when Highlander is activated, Master Yi's cooldowns will now be reduced by 70 percent regardless of whether he gets a kill or an assist when Highlander is activated.

A 70 percent cooldown reduction via kill or assist with Highlander active seems extreme. Considering that it's generally a lot easier to get an assist than it is to get a kill in "LoL" regardless of what champion you play, a 70 percent cooldown reduction across the board is a bit much. A 35 percent reduction for assists would make sense. We wouldn't be surprised to see Riot Games change this in a future "LoL" patch down the road.

Riven "LoL" 3.10a Changes

The biggest changes coming to Riven in "LoL" 3.10a are the significant adjustments made to the Broken Wings ability. Now, Riven will be able to jump over walls using Broken Wings, but only when you cast it a third time. You'll also be able to knock enemies up into the air on the third hit you score with Broken Wings.

Riven was mobile enough in our eyes, so giving her the ability to leap over walls is unnecessary and overly powerful. Now that Riven will be able to knock up enemy champions like Xin Zhou, that only boosts Riven's ability to gank unsuspecting enemy champions.

The "LoL" 3.10a patch also claims to fix an issue where several of Riven's particle effects were missing. Her hitbox should also mirror Riven's particles more closely.

Shen "LoL" 3.10a Changes

Have you ever chased an enemy Shen with low health, thinking that you have him dead to rights only to see him use Stand United to teleport away? To this point, Stand United couldn't be interrupted unless you killed Shen, but considering how tanky and durable Shen can be, that's usually not easy to do. Starting with the "LoL" 3.10a patch, it will be a little easier to kill Shen.

Stand United will be interruptable with spells that root enemy champions in place. Feint, Shen's shielding ability, will also be a little weaker. Feint's shield

Twitch "LoL" 3.10a Changes

Twitch's Expunge ability will do less damage at almost every rank. The damage from Expunge will be reduced from 40/50/60/70/80 to 20/35/50/70/80.

With this change, Riot is just making a weak, vulnerable champion even weaker. Considering that Twitch can only stay invisible for up to 8 seconds, which is nothing compared to when he was able to stay invisible for much, much longer before a "League of Legends" patch nerfed his stealthing ability substantially. Riot is just making a barely playable champion even less attractive to play.

Zac "LoL" 3.10a Changes

The blob absorption radius and squish radius for Zac's Cell Divison ability will be reduced from 100 to 25, making it harder for Zac players and Zac opponents alike to pick up these blob chunks. Zac's ultimate, Let's Bounce, no longer gives Zac Tenacity, making it significantly weaker. The tooltip of Let's Bounce now indicates that all slows applied to Zac will be removed once the player uses Let's Bounce.

Changes to "LoL" Items in 3.10a

The range on Bilgewater Cutlass and Blade of the Ruined King will be reduced from 550 to 450. The cooldown on the active ability for Blade of the Ruined King has been increased by 30, from 60 to 90. Considering how powerful the active on Blade of the Ruined King is, we don't have a problem with the increased cooldown.

The combine cost for Spirit Visage has been increased from 375 gold to 500 gold, bringing the total cost of the item from 2,625 gold to 2,750 gold.

Phage and Trinity Force will no longer let give you a chance to slow enemy champions. Instead, if you have either of these items, auto-attacking an enemy will grant you bonus 20 movement speed for two seconds with each hit. Killing a champion, minion or monster will grant you 60 movement speed for two seconds.

The combine cost for Phage will be reduced from 590 gold to 375 gold, reducing the total cost for Phage from 1,465 god to 1,250 gold.

Trinity Force's Spellblade passive increases damage to 200 percent base attack damage, up from 150 percent. Trinity Force's total cost is also reduced from 3,843 to 3,628 due to the price reduction for Phage, which is required to create Trinity Force.

The recipe for creating Frozen Mallet has been altered. Now, Frozen Mallet requires a Giant's Belt, Pickaxe, Ruby Crystal and 950 gold.

Map Changes In "LoL" 3.10a

Map changes in this "LoL" patch are minor. On Summoner's Rift, you should be getting more experience from killing Lesser Wraiths. A bug that granted players 4 experience points per Lesser Wraith kill instead of 15 has allegedly been fixed.

Blade of the Ruined King can now be used on Dominion/Crystal Scar. To this point, it was unavailable on the Crystal Scar map.

Entropy loses its Icy passive, but gains the same movement speed passive given to Phage and Trinity Force. Due to the price reduction on Phage, the overall cost for Entropy is lowered from 3,615 to 3,400. Kitae's Bloodrazor has been removed from the Dominion/Crystal Scar map entirely.

Read the full "League of Legends" 3.10a patch notes here.

What do you think of the changes coming to "LoL" in "League of Legends" patch 3.10a? Sound off in the comments below.