An Uber driver from Elmont, New York, was arrested Monday for allegedly exposing himself to a female passenger, police said. The apparent incident is said to have occurred for the duration of the customer's ride from her home in Bethpage to her job in Garden City, a village in Long Island, New York. 

Taylor Evans, 24, was arrested by the Garden City Police Department on Monday following his apparent indecency. Evans allegedly unzipped his pants and revealed himself to the passenger. He claimed to have exposed himself because he was readjusting and forgot to rezip his pants, according to CBS affiliate WCBS-TV

"I was very freaked out," the female passenger, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said Tuesday to ABC affiliate WABC-TV. "I didn't know what to do. I was in the middle of traffic, so I was like, if I step out of the car, I might just get run over. So I'll stay here."

The apparent victim, who claims to consistently takes pictures of Uber driver's license plates, took a picture of Evans license plate.

"I took a picture, and then I just stayed quiet until hopefully, I get to work and hopefully nothing happens. I thought of the worst thing that could happen, getting raped," she added. 

Evans was charged with public lewdness. He was also banned from driving with Uber, according to WABC-TV. Local law enforcement is currently looking for additional victims that have experienced similar behavior to the alleged victim's incident. All individuals that come forward will remain anonymous. 

Uber has made headlines for allegations regarding sexual misconduct against passengers before. Two women filed a lawsuit in November against the ride-sharing company after alleging that thousands of women have experienced varying levels of sexual harassment, including rape. An Uber driver was also accused in June of kidnapping and raping an unconscious female passenger in North Hollywood. 

Leaked data in 2016 showed that Uber had received more than 6,000 customer support tickets that alleged to sexual assault, with additional 5,800-plus tickets detailing allegations that feature the query "rape," according to BuzzFeed News

A representative for Uber did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.