A newlywed couple who were in the middle of an elaborate stunt suffered what could have been a serious mishap in front of their wedding guests. In the ceremony that was held in Raipur, in the central Indian state of Chattisgarh, on Saturday, the bride and groom were standing on a rising platform, complete with fireworks, when the harness broke loose.

The couple plummeted down to the stage as the guests watched in horror. But thankfully the couple escaped with only minor injuries and the rituals were resumed after 30 minutes, according to NDTV.

The video of the horrible mishap was shared on Twitter and it has since gone viral on the platform.

The video shows the harness holding up the rising platform suddenly collapse on stage, sending the bride and groom headlong to the ground.

According to NDTV, no complaint was filed over the incident and the event management company has since apologized for the accident.

The post received a mix of positive and negative comments. "This is the way to recirculation of money from reach to poor ...way to run economy. Otherwise money remains unspent . It is better respectful way than distribution of money freely," one user wrote.

"Good to know that both bride and groom are safe...This idea of 'falling in love' is totally breathtaking!" wrote another. "Hope no one was hurt.......but looked hilarious !" wrote a third. "People want to do stupid stuff all the time," a fourth person wrote. "As kids they always wanted to be a clown in circus, trying to fulfill their dream," wrote another person.

It was only last month that a similar incident took place in India when a newlywed couple's attempt to pull off a grand wedding entry went horribly wrong. The couple were perched on a sofa atop an earth mover when the man and woman crashed through the table below. The video was shared on Twitter where it had gone viral. In the video, the couple is seen sitting on the scoop of the high-lift loader crane, and the stunt backfiring right away.

This is a representational image. AFP / JAY DIRECTO