Nicholas Brooks the man who prosecutors say strangled his girlfriend in the bathtub of a SoHo House hotel room is contemplating taking a plea deal instead of going through with a trial.

Justice Bonnie Wittner of State Supreme Court in Manhattan made reference to a possible plea deal being worked out between Brooks and Manhattan prosecutors, at Brooks' control hearing on accusations he drowned then strangled his girlfriend swimsuit designer, Sylvie Cachay.

Wittner did not disclose the details of the possible plea deal but scheduled the next court date in the murder case for September 19 to allow prosecutors enough time to finalize the negotiations.

It's plea or get off the pot, Susan Karten, an attorney representing Cachay's family said after Brooks' supreme court appearance today.

All we know is that there are ongoing plea discussions. But on the next court date, either they have a plea in place or they get ready to start a trial.

Karten is representing the family in hopes of securing funds left to Brooks by his songwriter father Joseph, who killed himself last month while under indictment by a Manhattan grand jury on charges he molested and raped 13 women who thought they were auditioning for movies.

Brooks, 73, had a $1.25 million bail bond and about $6,000 in royalties for his single You Light Up My Life.