Nike Re-Signs NFL Quarterback Michael Vick
Nike has re-signed NFL quarterback Michael Vick to an endorsement deal. Vick previously had a deal with Nike and other sponsors but he lost it when he was convicted for dog fighting and served 20 months in prison. Now, he's back with Nike. Reuters

Michael Vick is back, not only as a starting quarterback in the NFL. He's back in big-time endorsements, too, as Nike has reached an agreement to re-sign Vick, whose professional football career was sidetracked by a dog fighting conviction.

Vick went to prison for his dog fighting conviction and lost his endorsements, including Nike.

But now he's back, and not just on the playing field. Vick previously had a $2 million endorsement deal when he was quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons and a 10-year, $130 million contract with the team. He lost it all when he was convicted of dog fighting charges. After serving 20 months in federal prison for the charges, he was re-instated by the NFL and was one of the NFL's most exciting performers last season.

We have re-signed Micheal Vick as a Nike athlete, said Megan Saalfield, a Nike spokeswoman, in an email to CNN. Michael acknowledges his past mistakes. We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.

Vick said he was thrilled to be back.

I am thrilled to be on the Nike roster, he said in a prepared statement. The brand represents the most exciting athletes in sports. My focus now is on preparing for the football season and performing at the highest level for my team and my fans.

Vick signed his first post-prison endorsement deal in January.