Nokia unveiled a new phone at the Mobile World Congress media event on Monday that boasts a battery life of more than 30 days.

According to the UK Independent, the Nokia 105 talk and text phone aims to appeal to the low-end and developing markets around the world that are not yet up to par with the smartphone industry.

The Finnish mobile company is primarily marketing the phone to areas where sources of electricity may be scarce or unreliable, as the extended battery life on standby allows the device to stay powered for up to 35 days in a single charge.

The Nokia 105 lasts up to 12.5 hours talk-time. Its design, while simple, remains in step with Nokia’s higher-end phones; it also features a 1.45” 65k Colour TFT Display, 8MB ROM, a dust- and water-proof number pad, built-in flashlight and FM radio. The phone comes in cyan and black, according to PC Magazine.

“The very human curves and the clean, fresh design make it very distinct from our competitors’ devices in this price range, and utterly modern despite a traditional form factor,” lead designer Sungwoo Cho said according to Conversations by Nokia.

Many sources note that the phone may also appeal to high-end consumers as a “back-up” for smartphones that may have several high-tech features, but often maintain a battery life of under 24 hours.

The Independent notes that such phones, inexpensive and technologically basic, are good to have on hand in an emergency as their lack of features allows them to maintain battery life for longer periods of time.

The Nokia 105 will sell for $20 when it releases later in Q2 2013.