North Korean artist Song Byeok used to paint propaganda for the country's late leader Kim Jong-il.

Now he paints the man in mocking ways, such as portraying him as late actress Marilyn Monroe. One painting features him wearing a white dress and looking like Monroe circa The Seven Year Itch, striking a jaunty pose and sporting pink underwear.

Byeok was jailed and sentenced to labor for a time after he tried to reach China to get food and was caught, according to a Reuters report.

I thought it would've been better if he made North Koreans better off and forget hunger before he died, Byeok told Reuters of Kim.

This isn't the first time this year that art featuring world leaders has caused a stir.

United Colors of Benetton came under fire after the company featured ads of world leaders kissing as part of their Unhate campaign.

As someone who was imprisoned under Kim's rule, Byeok brings a unique -- and personal -- perspective.

Here are photos of Byeok and his work.