Oslo explosion
Policemen evacuates an injured woman after a powerful explosion rocked central Oslo (REUTERS)

Friday's Oslo bombing and Utøya massacre hit a Scandinavian paradise and wrote the worst scenario possible for Norway's deadliest day.

The nightmares on Friday started when a powerful bomb near Prime Minister Jen Stoltenberg's office in the center of Oslo, killing seven and injuring scores of others.

Norwegian media said that Stoltenberg and his Cabinet members were unharmed.

Policemen evacuates an injured woman after a powerful explosion rocked central Oslo (REUTERS)

Then, a gunman dressed as a policeman went on a shooting spree at a youth camp on an island outside of Oslo.

Utøya , a small wooded holiday island was hosting the annual camp for the Labor Party's youth wing when the gunman turned the youth paradise into a hell, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said during a separate news conference. What happened at Utoeya is a national tragedy. Not since World War II has our country seen a greater crime, Reuters cited him as saying. Those on the island had tried to hide from the gunman in order to survive, some plunging into the sea and others playing dead.

Rescue personnel push an injured victim away from the camp site in Utoeya (REUTERS)
Covered corpses are seen on the shore of the small, wooded island of Utoeya (REUTERS)

Stoltenberg was reportedly tearing up as he described his meeting with the survivors and the victims' families.

This is very difficult for me because it's a very, very demanding situation to meet so many people that are hurting so much, said Stoltenberg as his voice trembled.

Family members and survivors react as Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja arrive to comfort them outside a hotel northwest of Oslo (REUTERS)

The death toll in the twin attacks reached 91 Saturday. It could still rise, said police, as searches for bodies continue in the waters around the island.

Norwegian police confirmed Saturday morning that they had arrested Anders Behring Breivik, 32, a suspect identified as right wing Christian fundamentalist who is responsible for both the bombing and the youth camp shooting rampage. It is not yet know whether he acted alone.

Anders Behring Breivik, suspect of double attacks