The New York State Civil Liberties Union has closely examined the NYPD's statistics and discovered that cops arrested more than one student a day in the public school system during the 2011 summer school session--and 90 percent were black or Hispanic.

Entire neighborhoods in New York City are turning into Constitution-free zones, said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the NYCLU in a statement. A walk to the subway or corner deli should not carry the assumption that you will be confronted by police, but that is the disturbing reality for many New Yorkers. Lieberman took a swipe at the NYPD saying they are having an adverse effect on public safety and their tactics need to be evaluated.

Of the people who were arrested, 68 percent were African-American children. The total number of students of color accounted for over 90 percent, she said

However, as NY1 reported, the period that the NYPD report covered was mostly during summer school. The Department of Education does not keep track of demographics during this time.

Cops arrested about 63 students in 50 days of classes and issued 182 summons, which is about three a day.

One student spent several days in jail after allegedly stealing a cellphone from another, reported NY1.

Ah man, now I got this on my permanent record, he said. You see them girls over there laughing, it's not a laughing matter if they see their record and they don't have a good record because of the school system.