Barack Obama
The president congratulates two campaign workers on their engagement.  Reuters

President Barack Obama has been caught on film congratulating two of his campaign workers on their engagement.

While the incident took place in August, when the president visited a campaign office, the affianced Sara El-Amine posted the video on YouTube Saturday, the Huffington Post reports. It has received more than 23,000 views

The video shows El-Amine, a campaign worker, meeting Obama. She tells him that she just got engaged a day prior to someone who also worked at the office.

"So I'm responsible?" the president asked.

El-Amine called her fiancé, Matthew Saniie over, and Obama posed for a photo with the couple before encouraging Saniie to tell the story of how he proposed.

Saniie said he popped the question just before the couple were to be apart for three months due to their campaign duties.

The story was filled with laughs and applause from onlookers and the Obama even did the hand movement from the music video for Beyonce’s hit single, “Single Ladies,” as he listened.

El-Amine added that she said, “you put a ring on it,” after accepting Saniie’s proposal.

Obama advised the office staff that since the average wedding costs $26,000, they should not be offended if they are not all invited.

"I don't expect to be invited; let them save some money," the president said.

The Huffington Post notes that El-Amine and Saniie are not the only ones to have the 2012 election impede a relationship milestone. The president and first lady Michelle Obama’s 20th anniversary fell on Oct. 3, the same night as the first 2012 presidential debate.