A photo of what appears to be Anne Hathaway with a picket sign surfaced on Twitter today, as Occupy Wall Street protestors took New York City by storm. Hathway, who is originally from New York City and has been filming Dark Knight Rises here recently, was photographed among a group of protestors in Union Square.

The photographer tweeted the photo Thursday afternoon, and wrote that Hathaway's pro-education picket sign -- which is cut off in the photo -- reads Love Blackboards Not Bullets. The actress is wearing a hooded jacket and tinted eyewear, but there is very little question it's her.

Hathaway's Dark Knight Rises co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the Occupy Wall Street protestors earlier this week.

Susan Sarandon, Naomi Klein, and Michael Moore are among the high-profile figures who have spent time at Occupy Wall Street protests in New York since the movement began in September.

Photo of Anne Hathaway courtesy of @Elena_Brooklyn. The Huffington Post first reported the sighting.