A man residing in Oklahoma City was shot at point-blank range over a cell phone and is now struggling to survive.

Joshua Wright headed to the Brookwood Apartments to sell his iPhone 6 to someone he met on the LetGo app alongside his mother, fiancée and stepson, according to Oklahoma's News 4.However, according to his mother, Sheila Freeman, the person her son sold the phone to then pulled out a gun.

"That's when he said, 'Sorry, got to do this,'" Freeman recalled. "He was like, 'Please, please, not in front of my mom and my son,' and when he did that, he shot him," Freeman said.

She continued, "I just kept saying, "Keep breathing, babe, come on, deep breaths. That’s what I kept saying to him, and I just kept holding that sweater on there."
She said the bullet missed his heart by centimeters.

Future iPhones might have illuminated logos at the back. (In this image, the Apple logo is displayed on an iPhone 6 in San Francisco on July 21, 2015.) Justin Sullivan/Getty Images