• "One Piece" 1016 is arriving Sunday
  • The chapter is reportedly titled "It's Otama"
  • Its spoilers are now available online

The war in Onigashima is slowly turning in favor of the Pirates-Minks-Samurai-Ninja alliance. Things may become more interesting as the latest set of "One Piece" 1016 spoilers seemingly confirm who the new members of Straw Hat Pirates are.

"One Piece" Chapter 1016 spoilers are courtesy of Redon and other reliable insiders within the community. According to the leaked information, Kaidou and Yamato are having a one-on-one battle. The governor-general of the Beasts Pirates reportedly turns into his hybrid form and flies up to the top of the Skull Dome, showcasing his glorious dragon form.

Kaido mocks his son by telling him both Luffy and Momonosuke are now dead and Yamato can no longer protect them. The Yonko also asks Yamato if he plans to run away now that his handcuffs are gone. Yamato then tells his father he is going out to the sea with Luffy. But they will kick his ass out of the Wano Kuni first.

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It is a subtle confirmation that Yamato is one of the new members of the Straw Hats. And while Yamato acknowledges he can't defeat his father, his resolve is to hold Kaido for as long as he can until Luffy returns. Kaido's son is among those who believe Luffy is the man Kozuki Oden has been waiting for to save Wano.

Fans can recall Yamato already talked to Luffy about his dream of going out to the sea in "One Piece" 999. Although it is not yet known if he'll come out fine after the war or if he will still decide to go on an adventure with Luffy, the Straw Hats' captain will most likely receive him as a Namaka.

Another potential new Straw Hats member hinted at in the latest spoilers is Zeus. In the upcoming manga installment, Zeus explains he was bitten by Hera along with the tip of the Clima-Tact, so his soul has been embedded into Nami's weapon. He tells the cat burglar that he has been reborn in the weapon, enabling the Clima-Tact to talk and change its shape at will.

Zeus used to be with the Straw Hats in the last part of the Whole Cake Island arc and in the first few chapters of the Wano arc. Now it looks like he is going to be a mainstay regardless of the war's outcome.

"One Piece" 1016 is reportedly titled "It's Otama." The upcoming manga installment is set to release Sunday.