• "One Piece" Episode 1014 is not releasing this Sunday
  • "Digimon Ghost Game," "Delicious Party Precure," and "Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’s" broadcasting affected
  • Toei Animation is currently investigating the matter

New episodes of four anime series are not airing this week after Toei Animation announced Friday that an unauthorized third party got access to its network on Mar. 6.

The hack has led to a delay in the broadcast of "One Piece," "Delicious Party Precure," "Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai," and "Digimon Ghost Game’s" new episodes.

Toei Animation has stated that they are investigating the hack, Anime News Network reported.

The official website of "One Piece" anime informed fans that the broadcast schedule will be updated after Mar. 20.

"One Piece" Episode 1014 is not airing this week as the break was planned before the hack.

Meanwhile, "Digital Ghost Game" anime, too, is facing a delay because of the same issue. The official Twitter account of the anime shared details regarding future broadcasting of the series.

“As announced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. On Mar. 11, 11:00, the network received unauthorized access by a third party on Mar. 6, stopping part of the system. We would like to inform you that the impact of this has disrupted the progress of program production, and will affect future broadcasting schedules,” read the statement, as translated by Wikimon News.

“We will inform you about the broadcasting schedule after Mar. 20 on various official Digimon Ghost Game social media at a later date,” the statement continued.

"Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai" Episode 73 is also not airing Saturday as scheduled, and the showrunners will air Episode 31 instead. The staff of the anime said in a statement that they will reveal what will be broadcasted on Mar. 19 at a later date.

The fourth anime series affected by this hack is "Delicious Party Precure." The official Twitter account of the anime, too, informed fans about the delay of Episode 6, which was earlier scheduled for Mar. 13.

The showrunners will air "Delicious Party Precure" Episode 4 this week. And like the other three anime series, the anime staff will reveal the new broadcasting schedule at a later date on the official website of "Delicious Party Precure."

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