Claire (Caitriona Balfe, right) was in deep trouble with the redcoats when last seen in "Outlander" Season 1. Starz

Get your kilts on because the midseason premiere of “Outlander” Season 1 is almost here! The Scottish drama is set to return Saturday, but some of the details may be a little fuzzy for viewers after the Starz television series’ six-month absence. If you need a wee bit of help remembering the precarious positions of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) when last seen, we’ve got you covered.

Claire and Jamie got married before the midseason finale. Even though it was arranged to keep Claire safe from the redcoats, they appeared relatively happy in episode 8. As the situation with the English was becoming more dangerous, however, the Scottish men decided Claire needed to know how to fight. Angus (Stephen Walters) taught her how to use a knife, which came in handy almost immediately.

While Claire and Jamie were having sex in a meadow, a couple of redcoated deserters found them and attempted to rape her. Claire stabbed the would-be rapist, while Jamie slit the throat of the other man. The experience changed everything for Claire. She realized that she had to get home to the 1940s and her first husband Frank (Tobias Menzies).

Jamie was told a man named Horrocks could clear his name. Jamie was wanted for the murder of an English sergeant, but Horrocks supposedly knew who really killed the man. Jamie had to go off and find the witness, but he ordered Claire to stay with an escort in the forest. She took a walk and realized that just outside the woods was Craigh na Dun.

Claire knew she had to run for it. She headed toward the stones, even though it meant disregarding Jamie’s demands and leaving the forest. She could hear Frank’s voice calling her name across the centuries. Just as she was about to touch one of the stones (which potentially could have sent her back to her own time), she was captured by the English.

Claire heard Frank’s voice because he was visiting Craigh na Dun in his time. He had no luck searching for Claire or Jamie, known to him as the Highlander. Previously, he had seen the Highlander only while his apparition was staring at Claire’s window the night before she disappeared, so others such as the police assumed Claire ran off with him. It wasn’t until the local pastor’s housekeeper told him about the myths surrounding the stones that he thought to go back to that particular place. He left the spot after yelling for Claire, but it isn’t clear if he heard her yell back to him.

Claire’s captors brought her to Capt. Black Jack Randall (Menzies). He looks like Frank, but he is so much worse. Claire tried to claim she was spying on Clan MacKenzies for a certain duke, so they were actually on the same side. Randall asked her whether she knew the duke’s wife, and Claire replied that she did -- which ruined the deception. It was a test. The duke didn’t have a wife, so Randall knew Claire was lying. He pushed her onto the table and attempted to rape her.

That’s when Jamie appeared in a window. “I’d thank you to take your hands off my wife,” he said as he pointed a gun at Randall.

When “Outlander” Season 1 returns, expect to see more of the night Claire was captured from Jamie’s point of view. While we know more sexy times await the couple, they’re going to hit rough spots in the year ahead. Their relationship will be tested. Of course, if fans really can’t wait, all the spoilers they need are in the books written by Diana Gabaldon.

The second part of “Outlander” Season 1 will premieres on Starz Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.