Jamie’s scene with Jack Randall in “Outlander” episode 15 is said to have had an impact on writer Ira Steven Behr, who was apparently present during the shooting of the difficult scene. The writer discussed how the scene was shot and revealed the atmosphere on the set. [Spoiler alert]

The Starz TV series is gearing up for an “intense” finale. Behr spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and revealed that the scenes from the last two episodes of the season still have a hold on him. The writer said that he thinks about the scenes often, even though the staff now has to focus on Season 2, production of which is underway in Scotland.

Behr explained that it was easier to write the episode than be there on the set for five or six days to shoot the scenes. He described his experience on the set as “the most uncomfortable” and the “worst” he has ever had to go through on a production set.

Even the “Outlander” crew members, described by the writer as “tough hombres,” were said to be visibly perturbed by what they were seeing on the set. One of the crew members apparently walked up to the writer and asked “when is this going to end?” The writer also said that when he went to check with the crew responsible for hair, makeup and costumes, some of them were in tears.

Giving some insight into Jack Randall’s character, Behr said that even though some people may not understand it, the character had a sense of honor. He wanted to give Jamie a noble death and he meant it. The writer wanted to compliment Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, during the shooting of the scene but had to walk away after seeing the “discomfort in his eyes.”

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Source – YouTube/ Starz