Outward - Dungeons
Outward has a number of dungeons that players can dive into Outward


  • Blue Sand Armor is expensive but incredibly effective
  • Fang weapons cause bleed to build up on targets
  • Strong weapons hide in chests scattered around the world

Surviving in the world of "Outward" can be extremely brutal, especially if players are ill-equipped to tackle the many threats stalking the wilds. There are plenty of hostiles to watch out for, from hyenas to bandits and monsters that are far too big for any newbie adventurer to take on.

However, getting a good set of equipment can prepare players for the many battles they face ahead during their adventures. It won't be easy to grab good gear early in the game, but the investment will be worth it.

Weapons for the Early Game

Immediately disregard any wooden weapons and tools like logging axes. None of these will be effective against basic enemies outside of Cierzo.

Instead, players should earn enough Silver to buy an iron weapon from the local blacksmith. Pick any available options, though the Halberd or Spear is more beginner-friendly than the others due to their long range.

Outward - Fang Claymore
Fang weapons can be crafted from ordinary iron equipment Outward

Iron weapons are enough to handle basic enemies like hyenas and bandits. However, they can be made even better by converting them into Fang weapons, which inflict stacks of bleed on every hit. Combine any Iron weapon with Linnen Cloth and Predator Bones (two bones for two-handers) to turn it into a Fang weapon.

Best Early Game Armor

Defense-wise, the best option players can get is the Blue Sand set. It offers excellent protection against physical and elemental damage for an early-game armor set, and it's relatively easy to get.

The only ingredient players need to gather for this set is Blue Sand, which only appears at night. They can be found on the beach to the south of Cierzo (accessed via the caves inside the storage room). Blue Sand can be found along the beach and inside a nearby cave along the base of the cliff.

The real issue with the Blue Sand armor set is the Silver cost. Crafting the full set requires 850 Silver and 12 Blue Sand. Earning this much money early can be troublesome, so it's advised to ask the blacksmith to craft one piece at a time until the player can get all of them.

Outward - Blue Sand Armor
The Blue Sand Armor is one of the best options available early in the game Outward