Outward - City
Outward features several distinct zones with their own unique themes Nine Dots Studio


  • Failure is part of the "Outward" experience
  • Try to avoid fighting unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Always prepare supplies before going outside of town

The world of "Outward" is brutal for the inexperienced and unprepared adventurer. Even the most basic of threats outside the starting zone can put any newbie to sleep, and the game's survival mechanics can make things even more complicated than they already are.

Even though the first few minutes of "Outward" can be daunting, the game has plenty of depth to offer for those who are willing to learn the basics. Here are a few essential tips that every new player should know before starting.

The Stagger Bar

The white meter on the bottom of the player's screen and below the health bars of enemies represent the Stagger Bar. When this is depleted, the character will get stunned for a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up damage.

Managing this bar is essential to learning combat in "Outward." Ideally, players should be looking for ways to chip at the enemy's Stagger Bar while maintaining their own. Skills and weapons with high Impact damage can stagger opponents more easily.

Visit the blacksmith in town for a decent selection of early weapons and armor.

Protection vs. Resistance

When looking at armor stats, players will see Protection and Resistance. The former reduces physical damage by a flat amount while the latter works on a percentage basis.

Outward - Blue Sand Armor
The Blue Sand Armor is one of the best options available early in the game Outward

Players should look for armor that has at least one point of Protection to gain significantly more damage resistance than usual.

Healing and Status Effects

Always bring several Bandages (or Life Potions, if possible) as well as Bitter Spicy Teas before heading outside of Cierzo. These can help players treat two of the most common status effects they can encounter in the area: Bleeding and Infection.

Safe Camping Spots

Normally, players can get ambushed while sleeping in the wilderness. To ensure a good night's rest, try to set up camp on a patch of land near butterflies. A group of butterflies hovering over an area means that the location is safe to sleep on.

Extra Carrying Capacity

Prioritize purchasing the Nomad Backpack from Shopkeeper Doran. Not only does this grant 25 more carrying capacity than the standard bag, but oil lanterns can also be hooked onto it, which will allow players to see in the dark even while both of their hands are occupied.

Outward - Camp Screen
Health, Stamina and Gear Durability can all be restored by resting at a campsite Outward