Overwatch 2 - Doomfist
Doomfist now plays as a tank in Overwatch 2 Blizzard Entertainment


  • Doomfist excels at distracting and displacing enemies
  • Rising Uppercut has been replaced with Power Block
  • Meteor Strike remains mostly unchanged

Doomfist got a total role overhaul in "Overwatch 2." Instead of one-shotting squishy targets in the backline as an assassin, he now thrives in the thick of the fight as a tank.

The changes made to Doomfist are more impactful than they appear. Apart from the tweaks to his damage numbers, players also have to contend with the responsibilities a tank has to bear, especially now that only one tank can be present in competitive modes.

Here's a guide on how to use Doomfist more efficiently with his new kit.

Doomfist Tank Playstyle

Generally speaking, Doomfist still plays like an agile brawler who dives into the enemy team and punches people into walls. However, his damage output is notably lower than before. Doomfist can no longer one-shot enemies unless their HP is already low.

Overwatch - Doomfist
Doomfist previously served as a backline diver with strong one-shot capabilities Blizzard Entertainment

Additionally, his Rising Uppercut ability has been replaced with Power Block, which grants Doomfist 80% damage reduction from frontal attacks while active. This also empowers his next Rocket Punch, making it deal charge faster and deal more damage.

Players will want to use Seismic Slam to dive into the enemy and knock back priority targets like supports and damage carries with Rocket Punch. Due to his decreased damage, landing shots with Hand Cannon is now more important.

Gameplay Tips

Doomfist is somewhat of a selfish tank. Instead of blocking damage for his team, he distracts opposing damage dealers to give his allies more time to deal with the rest of the enemies. He works best with other divers like Genji and Tracer and supports like Moira, Lucio and Kiriko.

Avoid playing like an assassin. Despite being a tank, Doomfist can still die easily when he is focused down. Try to fight near the frontline where healers are in range and only dive into the enemy backline when a priority target is isolated. Keeping attention away from allies is still Doomfist's role as a tank, so try not to get too aggressive.

Meteor Strike remains relatively unchanged, apart from a few tweaks. Use this to capitalize on a push, prevent the enemy from escaping, or turn a bad engagement around.

Lastly, with Rocket Punch now dealing less damage, its value as a knockback tool has greatly increased. Consider picking Doomfist in maps like Ilios where ledges are abundant.

Overwatch 2 - Doomfist Punch
Doomfist's fully-charged Rocket Punch can knock enemies back by about this much Overwatch 2