Overwatch 2 - Roadhog
Roadhog is an offensive tank who specializes in forcing opponents out of position. Overwatch 2


  • Roadhog's job is to get picks on priority targets
  • Hitting Chain Hook consistency is essential to becoming a good Roadhoag player
  • Whole Hog can be used to split an enemy team if killing them is not an option

Roadhog is a scary opponent to go up against in "Overwatch 2," especially when he's being used by a good player. The lumbering mountain of a man can pick off individual targets and place his team at a significant advantage in a fight.

The Hog is one of the harder tank options in the game due to his reliance on precision and range management. When mastered, he can be brought with and against almost any team composition to great effect. Here's an "Overwatch 2" Roadhog guide to introduce new players to this amazing hero.

How to play Roadhog in "Overwatch 2"

Roadhog's main job is to get decisive picks on DPS carries and healers with his Chain Hook. He can pull enemies close for a one-shot combo with his hook, Scrap Gun and melee attack combo. This is often enough to take out any non-tank hero as long as they aren't getting healed.

Overwatch 2 - Roadhog hook
Chain Hook can drag opponents from safety and into Roadhog's effective range Overwatch 2

This hero is also great against fast-moving targets like Genji, Tracer and Lucio as he can negate their mobility with his hook. He is also a direct counter to Bastion since the robot's hitbox is so large.

With all of these said, players need to hit Chain Hook to be effective with this character.

Roadhog has no defensive abilities, but he does have 700 HP and the Take A Breather ability, which heals him over a short duration. He can easily tank damage, but he cannot protect his team with shields or barriers.

His ultimate, Whole Hog, turns his weapon into an automatic chain gun that damages and knocks enemies back a fair distance. Use it to deal heaps of damage or to knock enemies off ledges.

Roadhog Tips and Tricks

Chain Hook drags enemies directly in front of Roadhog. By turning the camera to the sides, players can abuse this and drop enemies off ledges after hooking them. This technique is very effective against tanks.

Scrap Gun can deal extreme damage per shot in point-blank range. The same applies to its alternate fire, which launches a scrap ball that detonates after a certain distance. This essentially extends that one-hit-kill range by several meters.

In the absence of ledges, Whole Hog should be used to split an enemy team apart to make them easier to clean up. It can also be used to press enemies up against the corner until the duration ends or until they are taken out.

Overwatch 2 - Whole Hog
Whole Hog can throw enemies off of ledges Overwatch 2