golden loot boxes
Golden Loot Boxes discovered in the Overwatch Anniversary Update Imgur

Dataminers have uncovered new code hidden inside the Overwatch Anniversary Event patch. Usually, players can’t see what’s hidden behind Blizzard’s encrypted iron curtain, but an engineer with lots of time to kill managed to break the code and posted it on Twitter. There’s a new shiny loot box, golden loot and an “event 7” that could be the next original event.

Event 7- In Overwatch , there’s a list of every loot box that’s ever been obtainable in the game. Under “Uprising” and “Anniversary” boxes lies a new treasure, called “Golden.” It’s listed as “event 7,” so it’s impossible to track down what the next big Overwatch extravaganza will actually be. Some believe it could be the second Summer Games event, but then why would it be golden? Unless Blizzard is giving every hero a golden medal, I doubt the “Golden” Loot Box has anything to do with athletics.

Golden Lootbox- Hidden in the cache lies a golden box, with untold riches and treasures inside. Thanks to reddit user 30847192, we have a rendered picture of the “Golden” Loot Box and what could be its corresponding opening jingle. Like the current Anniversary event, this Loot Box seems fairly generic and doesn’t really give us a lot of information about the next event. Dataminers also found sound effects for a Numbani/ Summer Games Loot Box, but there’s no way to know what those noises are actually supposed to be.

LOOTBOX_EXCLUSIVE_COMMON- One of the weirder files found by dataminers has to do with Loot Box exclusive items. In Overwatch’s code, there used to be a file called “LOOTBOX_EXCLUSIVE_0,” which contained different amounts of credits you can earn. With the Anniversary update, the file had “common” added to its name. This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but reddit user ethanciavo is convinced that a “rare” exclusive will be added when “event 7” goes live.

Golden Loot- This is where I’m going to go heavy into the theorycrafting, so bear with me if this sounds kind of crazy. The dataminers found code for a file labeled “Golden Loot” alongside the Loot Box and references to “event 7.” Heroes Of The Storm has multiple loot systems, allowing players to spend more money for a chance at getting a rarer cosmetic. It wouldn’t be that weird for Overwatch to add that same system, allowing players to spend a little extra cash for a guaranteed Legendary.

The loot itself could also be a new, never-before-seen item. Ever since Blizzard released the cosmetic, players with golden guns have wanted a full, matching suit. Imagine Junkrat with precious metal on his pegleg, shooting Faberge eggs out of his 3000 CP grenade launcher. Loot Boxes have become a huge part of Overwatch’s money-making factory, so adding another tier that allows Blizzard to make more money just makes fiscal sense.

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