A video of parents kissing their kids as part of a school-sponsored prank has sparked controversy and even disgust after it went viral online.

On Dec. 8, the staff of Rosemount High School in Minnesota carried out a prank they conceived at a pep fest, reported the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Captains of the school's winter sports team were blindfolded and told that someone will give them a kiss. That someone, it turned out, was actually their parents of the opposite sex. Both male and female athletes participated in this prank.

A few things should be noted (and can be seen from the video below).

The kisses were not pecks on the lips; some of them were mini-make out sessions. The Star-Tribune called the kisses amorous.

One man held his daughter's face with both of his hands as he kissed her.

One man put one hand on his daughter's face and wrapped another hand behind her back as he kissed her.

One woman wrapped both of her hands around her son's head as she kissed him.

One man wrapped his hand around his daughter's waist as he kissed her.

One woman and her son were rolling on the floor kissing.

One woman was sliding down her son's hand down her body as she kissed him.

One son stood with both of his hands in his pockets as his mother kissed him.

There is no question that people were offended. I apologize to those who were offended, and we won't do it again, the principal of the school told the Star-Tribune.

OMG.....I would never make out with my kids!! This is the sickest prank I've ever seen. I'm think I'm going ?to throw up!! wrote a commenter who posted under the YouTube video.

What's particularly sad about this situation is that I'm sure the kids involved are so deeply disturbed that they don't even feel comfortable speaking out, wrote another commenter.

Am I the only one not outraged by this blindfolded captains kissing parents thing in Minnesota? tweeted @stoolpresidente.