What image do you have in mind when you think of a business building? Are you tired of desolate scenes of people working before computers in a concrete jungle? Pasona group, a personnel outsourcing firm, headquartered in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, breaks the typical perception about business offices.

Pasona has full of settings in its building that will help you enjoy your work in the harmony with the nature, which also heals your heart.

“Isn’t this building fascinating? How is the view outside the conference room? It’s eco-friendly. I am especially fond of roses. Now is a time that the roses become beautiful. Entire building, from the first to the ninth floor, is covered with roses. It is an eco-friendly building but in fact, it soothes your hearts. When you enter the building, you get amused, excited, and your heart becomes peaceful. …. The climbing roses shown outside the window grow thick in the summer, becoming a natural blind to cover the sunlight. When it becomes the fall, the leaves fall and the outside sunlight reaches the office, said Pasona group CEO and President Yasuyuki Nambu in a recent interview with Chosun Biz last week.

Known as the Urban Farm, the eco-office has a 1,000-square-foot indoor rice paddy on its first floor, visible from the street too. Pasona opened the farm to the public and is proud of the wide variety of crops. The farm contains 200 kinds of plants, ranging from cucumbers, eggplants, radishes, beans, tomatoes, peppers, to rice. Remarkably, these are all organic and disease free, all without pesticides. It is intriguing to find out that the greenery helps decrease the CO2 emissions of the building by 2 tons a year.

Pasona has successfully managed its Urban Farm to produce impeccable and astonishing results. The majority of plants are grown indoors, mostly under human-supplied light and nourishment.

The company said that the office staff take turns caring for the plants, which raises eco awareness and develops team building skills.

Since the paddy is indoors and immune to the seasons, it has three harvests a year and is served in the staff cafeteria. Though its yearly harvest may be short of what one average Japanese consumes a year, it does impressively produce a harvest yielding of around 110 pounds.

Located only minutes from the Tokyo station, Pasona is a fascinating attraction to the public who desire to get out of the hectic city life even for a few moments.

Check out the video clip and the photos of this internationally spotlighted eco-office: