Paul Gilkey
Paul Gilkey Hocking County Sheriff’s Offic

Paul Gilkey of Logan, Ohio shot to death his son and two sister-in-laws in a fit of rage over feeding his terminally ill wife Darlene Gilkey, according to Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North, reported The Associated Press.

Some of the relatives Paul Gilkey killed reportedly gave his wife tea and toast when Gilkey had already peeled an orange for her to eat.

The victims Gilkey shot include his sister-in-law Barbara Mohler, 70, his sister-in-law Dorothy Cherry, 63, and his own son Leroy Gilkey, 38.

Then, Paul Gilkey, 63, stepped outside to his front porch and shot himself in to death with his a semiautomatic handgun.

Before the feeding incident that triggered his rampage, Gilkey was unhappy that his wife's relatives were taking over her care, the number of people in his house and the items taken out of his house, said another sister-in-law of his, reported The AP.

Gilkey did not shoot his wife Darlene Gilkey, who is ill with cancer, and let her live. He also let his stepson Ralph Sowers, 36, live because Sowers has children, according to Sowers.

The 36-year-old then left the house and called the police.

Sowers said his stepfather had a history of violence. Gilkey served a decade in prison, beginning from 1974, for killing a man, according to records, reported The AP.