Long Island pharmacy killer David Laffer was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday. His wife and getaway driver Melinda Brady received 25 years for robbery, the maximum sentence for her crime.

The duo received emotional testimonies from relatives of the victims before sentencing.

You are the devil's boy, said Mary Moran, grandmother of victim Jaime Taccetta, according to the Daily News. May you both burn in hell. She also called the two diseased rats.

Laura Bustamante, daughter of Bryon Sheffield, also spoke out. She said her father did live a good life, but did not deserve to die.  Bustamante said the deaths were senseless and that she will mourn her father the rest of her life. Her father went to the drug store that day to pick up medicine for her mother Sheila.

Tragically, David Laffer and Melinda Brady also went to Haven Drugs that morning, on a thoroughly rehearsed mission to illegally obtain drugs. Laffer had a gun, and he didn't care who or how many people had to die for his mission to be accomplished, she said. We kept waiting for our dad to walk in the front door. This all ended when detectives showed up with a brown paper bag full of dad's personal effects -- a jolting reality that this was the only part of dad that was coming home.

Laffer, a 33-year-old military veteran walked in Haven Drugs around 10 a.m. on June 19. He opened fired without announcing a robbery. He killed four people, two employees and two customers, as he filled his backpack with painkillers.

District Attorney Thomas Spota said the killings were a gruesome scene and one of the worst in the history of Suffolk County.

In a statement to the court, Laffer said he would not express remorse for his crimes because that would dishonor the memories of his victims and insult the families.

To ask forgiveness of them would be a selfish act. I truly believe my crime is one that cannot and should not be forgiven, he said with no emotion, according to the Daily News. To stand here and offer a mea culpa would be a disgrace to the victim's memories and I will not do that.

Laffer suggest that if any good could come out of this tragedy, it is that there is a renewed attention on prescription drug abuse.

Laffer claimed in an interview that the first shot went off accidentally. Once he realized what he happened, he decided to kill the other witnesses. 

Prosecutors claim that he Laffer and Brady has staked out several pharmacies before deciding to rob Haven Drugs, a family-owned business.

Laffer later stated that he believes he will be killed in prison.

I'm not even under any illusions that I'd make it 15 years, he told Newsday in a September interview.