Residents of the Philippines began cleaning up Wednesday after a devastating blow from Typhoon Nesat. However, the country is not in the clear yet. Another storm, Typhoon Nalgae, is expected to hit on Saturday.

Typhoon Nesat demolished seawalls, flooded rivers, and left at least 21 people dead and over two dozen missing.

The storm brought some of the worst flooding in decades to Manila, the Philippine capital, before blowing over the main island of the archipelago, Luzon, and on toward China's Hainan Island with maximum sustained winds of 75mph.

Emergency services joined residents in cleaning up the capital and restoring electricity on Wednesday, though several portions of Manila remained closed.

The Office of Civil Defense said that floods were receding across Luzon as the weather cleared, though many low-lying rice-producing plains remained underwater.

Have a look at Typhoon Nesat's widespread damage in the photos below: