Cat Harvey
A cat tries to find dry ground around an apartment complex after it was inundated with water following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Aug. 30, 2017. Getty Images

A photo of a severely annoyed cat swimming through the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey has been making rounds on social media since it was taken on Aug. 30 by photographer Scott Olson of Getty Images in the wake of the hurricane’s devastation in Houston, Texas.

The image shows a fed-up orange feline swimming through dirty flood waters in Houston probably making an attempt to swim its way to safety somewhere in a dry space nearby while doing that the animal is giving a better side-eye than most humans could ever think of.

The image has since gone viral after it was captured last week. It has been shared over 65,000 times till now with some users commenting on the cat’s resilience in facing the storm and its way of handling the storm on its own terms although he doesn’t seem to be very happy about it, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“All the photos I've seen of dogs and horses escaping the flooding, they look terrified. This cat just looks pissed — like he's going to write a sternly worded letter to his city councilor when he gets home,” wrote Laura Mullane, who posted the photo to Facebook.

Social media did not leave the annoyed animal alone and it wasn't long before users had some fun with the pissed off cat's disgruntled expression in the picture. The animal's photo was quickly converted into numerous memes on Twitter.

Users also expressed concern regarding the cat's safety. NBC affiliate KPRC 2 in Houston tweeted another photo of the same cat and it was seen perched on top of a car. The second photo of the cat on the car was also taken by Olson.

A cat sits on top of a car which is surrounded by flood water in the parking lot of an apartment complex after it was inundated with water following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Aug. 30, 2017. Getty Images

Last week, a photo of a dog carrying a bag of food on a street in the northwest part of Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey that whipped through Texas over the weekend had gone viral since it was posted on Facebook on Aug. 26.

The photo was shared by a Facebook user, Tiele Dockens. She wrote in the caption: "This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying an entire bag of dog food with him. LOL, #refugee.(sic)"

The dog named Otis was said to be a German Shepherd from Sinton, Texas, and was said to have accidentally got loose on Aug. 25 from his porch, prompting his 65-year-old owner Salvador Segovia to look for him on the streets, the Houston Chronicle reported. "I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn’t around," Segovia told the Chronicle.

As the picture went viral on Twitter last week, "#refugeedog" started to trend on the social networking website. Some of the Twitter users called the dog a "CanineAidWorker," while some said he was a "looter." Most users hailed him as a hero and praised his actions.

Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in Texas since the last weekend with around 63 people losing their lives after the storm dumped several feet of severe rain on southeast Texas in just a matter of few days, CBS News reported Monday.

Harvey whipped through the state and made a landfall in Texas on Aug. 25 and was categorized as a Category 4 hurricane, however it brought the worst flooding to Houston and other areas as a tropical storm. The rain was estimated to have been nearly 52 inches (1.3 meters) in some spots.