McDonald's came under heavy fire in February when Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution exposed the company's use of boneless lean beef trimmings, aka pink slime in their chicken nuggets. Now recent reports suggest that pink slime may have made its way 70 percent of U.S. supermarkets.

Beef Products Incorporated supplied McDonald's with the controversial meat that was made up of whatever was left after the choice cuts of beef were taken. It's then mixed with ammonium hydroxide to ward off bacteria such as E.coli.

Pink slime may not be the only disgusting product ending up in your meal. People report finding everything from nails to thumbs in their fast food meals. And if that isn't bad enough, the FDA routinely allows a certain amount of animal feces or bugs in canned products.

Check out our list below for some disgusting things you can find in supermarkets and fast food meals.

  1. Animal Feces: Think twice before adding some cinnamon to that dish. The FDA allows certain amounts of mammalian excreta in cinnamon bark, bay leaves, and cocoa beans.
  2. Maggots: Be careful opening up a can mushrooms -- they could contain a nasty surprise. Maggots may find themselves a home in a can of mushrooms, and only if there are more than 20 maggots per 100 grams of mushrooms will the FDA pay attention.
  3. Rats: In 2006 former assistant coach of the Dallas Cowboys Todd Haley took home a salad for his wife. Upon unwrapping the salad his wife was met with quite a surprise - a 6 inch dead rat. Haley filed a lawsuit against McDonald's for $1.7 million. They settled out of court. And if that story doesn't freak you out here's a little known fact: the FDA allows one rodent hair for every 100 grams of peanut butter.
  4. Body Parts: An Arby's employee sliced off a chunk of skin while cutting lettuce which ended up landing in someone's crispy chicken sandwich.
  5. Condoms: Condoms seem to keep making their way into McDonald's meals. In 1995 an Alabama man found a condom in his burger. The incident repeated itself again in 2009 when a 7 year old Swiss girl found a condom in her French fries.

Information compiled from CBS, Business Pundit, Complex, and HuffPost Food.