Headless Horsemanning, an emerging posing meme begotten by Planking, became viral this week, taking the Internet by storm.

Unlike Planking, Horsemanning should be involved with minimum two people, sometimes three. One of them is required to show his/her body, but hide his/her head. The partner is required to do just the opposite, hiding his/her body and showing his/her head a few feet away.

Through their cooperation, they create the illusion that the person lose his/her head nearby, mimicking Washington Irving’s Headless Horseman, but without a horse.

The play obviously reminds us of death and dying, but there is no requirement for anyone to risk his/her life.

Unlike Planking, whose popularity is determined by the outrageous and risky locations chosen by the plankers, Horsemanning is a safer game and can be played in any place, including public, private, mundane and exceptional places.

Horsemanning has another feature - it promotes unity and cooperation between 2-3 people, because the pose requires them be physically together to pull it off.

Star the slideshow to enjoy this new viral meme.

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