On Tuesday, we reported that someone was selling a PlayStation 4 on eBay for the astronomical sum of $10,000. There were also at least two prospective buyers, or "watchers" as eBay calls them, who were tracking the item. Apparently someone actually ponied up  the 10K asking price to get their hands on this PS4. Check out the photo below.


Note the little "SOLD" marker on the item image. We wonder why someone would pay such a grossly inflated sum for a console that costs $399. It's worth noting that the page indicates this was a Launch Edition PlayStation 4. Launch Edition PS4 consoles are guaranteed to be available once the console ships.

Considering that this person paid $10,000 for a Launch Edition PS4, it's safe to assume that they wanted to safeguard against shipping delays relating to supply, demand and availability. However, Amazon is once again offering "Launch Edition" PS4 bundles for prices ranging from roughly $460 to $500 after they were sold out for some time. It's possible that whoever bought the above PS4 didn't know that.

The only good explanation for making the above purchase is that the buyer saw that the seller indicated they would donate some of the profits generated from this transaction to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. If that's the case, then good for them. However, a better move would have been to pre-order a PS4 Launch Edition bundle on Amazon and give the remainder of the $10,000 to a charity of that person's choice, be it Children's Miracle Network Hospitals or something else.

The PS4 is slated to be released sometime this holiday season, likely before Black Friday.

What's the most you would pay for a PS4 and why? What do you think of the above prices for the PS4? Sound off in the comments below.