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  • Aella was once OnlyFan's top-grossing star, with a reported monthly income of $100,000
  • She said she washes her face, brushes her teeth daily and changes her sheets twice per month
  • A survey stated that the average American adult takes roughly 145 showers yearly

A famous OnlyFans star turned into a data scientist as she reflected on the last 12 months and shared she only showered 37 times in 2022, causing mixed reactions on social media.

Aella, who was once OnlyFan's top-grossing star with a reported monthly income of $100,000, shared on Twitter that she only showered 37 times last year, the New York Post reported.

"My 2022 in stats!" tweeted Aella on Sunday. "And some # – how many times I ___ this year." She listed several things about how her 2022 went, writing that she went outside (222 times), pooped (194), worked (137), socialized (165), took Adderall (126), drank alcohol (118), danced (64), had sex (63), cried (59), wrote (51), gamed (44), had a good meal (42) and the list went on.

However, the fact that she only showered 37 times the entire year caught her followers' attention. They emphasized that the average American adult takes roughly 145 showers yearly, according to a 2021 Harvard survey.

"Yep, I try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much," Aella responded to other users' comments on her tweet. "If I shower too often, I seem to stink more! I regularly use a bidet and spot-wash my armpits and genitals tho."

Aella added that she also washed her face, brushed her teeth daily and changed her sheets twice per month.

"[Thirty-seven] showers is so insane to me. I shower twice a day and many days, 3 times in the summer or just bc I may have been running around. You stink. You have to," a user said, to which Aella replied, "If I showered that often I would stink! [D]isturbs my microbiome."

Meanwhile, some medical professionals have said that even though it may be socially acceptable, it is not vital to take a shower every single day.

Consultant Derrick Phillips told HealthLine, "Washing once a day is adequate for most children and adults to maintain a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene and cleanliness."

"The skin is self-cleaning and naturally exfoliates," he added. "Scrubbing helps to remove physical dirt and reinforce the perception of cleanliness, but isn't necessary."

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