UK paper group bids to throw out Prince Harry and others' privacy lawsuits


  • Prince Harry allegedly showed fake smiles while at King Charles' coronation
  • Darren Stanton speculated that Prince Harry felt isolated and homesick at the event
  • Prince Harry may have felt left out and wished he could take part in it with Prince William

Prince Harry's smiles at the coronation were not as authentic as when he was spotted smiling at the airport going back to California, according to a body language expert.

The Duke of Sussex attended King Charles' coronation at Westminster Abbey Saturday. According to body language expert Judi James, he was surprisingly "cheerful to the point of cocky."

However, another expert spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Prince Harry at the event. Darren Stanton, body language expert, psychologist, TV broadcaster and published author, told ET that his smiles were fake.

"The main thing that I look for are microexpressions," Stanton explained. "A lot of people don't realize that we have a thing called leakage, so no matter how well-trained somebody is, it gives us a sense of the real emotion that the person is experiencing."

For him, Prince Harry's smiles at the coronation ceremony were not as wide or authentic as when he was spotted at the airport to take his flight back to California to be reunited with his wife Meghan Markle and children — Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 1.

"A real smile is the whole face, where a fake smile is only the bottom half of the face gets engaged," Stanton explained. "I saw plenty of fake smiles when he was in the Abbey, but certainly checking into the airport, we saw lots of authenticity and his happiness."

He weighed in on Prince Harry's gestures at the ceremony and said he probably felt isolated and homesick while watching his family. Stanton said Prince Harry is still popular in his home country, but the people are not as warm to him.

"I think he feels quite isolated," Stanton added. "I think he's thinking, you know, 'Gee, I used to be part of all this.' And I think he's homesick. He's homesick for his family, homesick for London, you know, he's homesick for all that pomp and circumstance. So really, sadness and isolation -- I think that's what I got from his body language."

He continued, "In terms of that look, I just think Harry felt left out, a little bit out of the loop, a bit isolated and really yearning and wishing that he could be part of it with his brother."

International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

James also spoke with Page Six about her observation regarding Prince Harry's behavior at the event over the weekend. For her, he acted as if "none of the events of the past couple of years had ever happened."

"He fell back as they all walked in to ensure he was walking alone, but this was no lonely, sad, sympathy-inducing walk up the aisle," James said of the "Spare" author. "Harry greeted the clergy with warmth and adopted an upbeat, slightly rolling, wide-stride gait to suggest breezy cheerfulness."

She added, "What we saw was a comeback of the joker prince, a bouncy, resilient-looking royal who looked as though being seated three rows back was actually an honor."

UK paper group bids to throw out Prince Harry and others' privacy lawsuits