Prince Philip
Prince Philip loves driving automobiles and horse-drawn carriages but was recently involved in a car crash. Pictured: Prince Philip smiles after unveiling a plaque at the end of his visit to Richmond Adult Community College in Richmond on June 8, 2015 in London. Getty Images/Matt Dunham

Prince Philip loves driving automobiles and horse-drawn carriages.

The Duke of Edinburgh is already 97 years old, but his passion for driving remains. From time to time, he is spotted behind the wheels or enjoying the grounds of Windsor with his horses.

According to Lara Keay and Martin Robinson of Mail Online, Prince Philip has been seen multiple times taking the reins of a horse-drawn carriage around the Windsor estate. He has been spotted at least twice a month enjoying this activity.

Prince Philip reportedly enjoys carriage driving since 1970. This is his favorite pastime. He used to race carriages near Norfolk before representing Britain at several world and European championships.

In November, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were spotted enjoying horse riding separately. The Queen rode her beloved black Felly pony, Carltonlima Emma.

On the other hand, Prince Philip ventured out in a carriage riding with two black horses. He was joined by two stablewomen who sat behind him.

Aside from carriages, he also loves to drive cars. At 97, the Duke of Edinburgh is still confident of his driving skills. Back in September 2018, Prince Philip was photographed driving a Land Rover Discovery near the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. He was alone during the trip.

Unfortunately, Prince Philip may need to slow down when it comes to driving automobiles. The Duke was recently involved in a car crash. According to the BBC News, the accident happened in Sandringham Estate on Thursday.

Prince Philip was driving a Range Rover and was pulling out of a driveway onto the A149 when the crash happened. Prince Philip’s car overturned on the road. Fortunately, the duke was reportedly not injured.

Prince Philip has already retired from his royal duties and is rarely seen in public. He even skipped the royals’ traditional Christmas Day morning service. However, according to the palace, the duke is in good health and was with his family during the holidays.

Prince Philip is still in Sandringham with Queen Elizabeth II. They tend to stay there after the holidays. Queen Elizabeth II only returns to the palace after Feb. 6 for her father’s death anniversary.